There is obviously a heavy Northamptonshire bias here as that’s where I lived, but there is a good array of cricketing stars on display, especially from the touring teams. Although it wasn’t until I digitised them all that I realised just how many photos of Ian Botham I’d taken!

I haven’t put even the best of these photos into the main part of the website as to be honest the quality simply isn’t good enough, even though the content is reasonably interesting.
These were taken in the late 80s on a Pentax MV1 with an f5.6 lens – initially my dad’s 300mm lens, then a 400mm I bought – and manual focus of course. It’s all on relatively slow films as well, all of ISO 400 at best and even that is relatively grainy. Many of the images have been further cropped to try and fill the frame a bit more, which reduces the quality even more.

As well as the action shots, I also took plenty of portraits of players.
The photo of Nick Cook is frame #1 on film #1 – the first shot I took on my own camera.


Lots of the West Indies players.

Plenty of the Australians.