These were actually taken on the same day as the previous ones, later in the afternoon.

This is a courgette flower, in the evening sunlight at the front of the house.

Panasonic FX-37, 26mm equiv, 1/500 @ f4, ISO 100


One of our lilys – I think the water droplets come from watering rather than rain.

Panasonic FX-37, 26mm equiv, 1/200 @ f2.8, ISO 100


This one is much less arty than the others, but does show just how many vegetables we* were growing! The plants in the blue Ikea bags are green beans, runner beans, peas, mange-tout and petit-pois, while the stuff in the black buckets at the front are potatoes. The metal cages you can make out at the back are supporting the tomatoes. Some of the tomatoes are still going, 6ft tall and with massive fruit. We’ve already made two batches of green tomato chutney (one of them a huge batch) as well as tomato sauce and tomato soup.
* That’s the royal “we” of course. My job in the garden is to cut the lawn and lug bags of compost around.

Panasonic FX-37, 26mm equiv, 1/60 @ f4, ISO 100


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