We spent a few days in Wales in early September, which coincided with several days of fantastic weather. For a change, I deliberately left my digital SLR at home and shot a bit of film. I’ll post those up when I get them back from processing and scan them – these shots are from my little digital compact.

I’m so impressed by the macro facilities you get with them, making shots like this dead easy.

Panasonic FX-37, 26mm equivalent, 1/640 @ f5.6, ISO 100

Llansteffan was lovely – it was really quiet, and at times all you could hear was a bit of wind and some seagulls. The tide times were just right, which enabled us to walk out surprisingly far onto the sand banks. And yes, we did take care to make sure we weren’t cut off.

Panasonic FX-37, 26mm equivalent, 1/800 @ f5, ISO 100

And finally, I resurrected an old family habit of drawing “DON’T PANIC” in the sand (from Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy) – since the early 80’s we’ve done this on endless beaches!

Panasonic FX-37, 26mm equivalent, 1/800 @ f6.3, ISO 100

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