Forgot to post this lot.
I’ve been developing the website for Flinty Red, the restaurant opened by wine merchants Dominic and Rachel from Corks of Cotham and chefs Matt and Claire (formerly of the Lido and QV), and went along in January to take photos for it.
I started with an exterior, based on the shot of the Corks frontage that the late Pete Chinn did for them – you can see the final cropped version on the “how to find us” page of the website.
It was an ideal opportunity to take the photo as the Indian restaurant over the road was closed for refurbishment, and the neon lights in their window reflected in Flinty Red’s – it was impossible to get a shot without a garish purple reflection somewhere.

We then moved on to an interior shot, which took several goes to get the waitress blurred but still visible. Really pleased with this one, which appears on the front page of the website.
Then some attempts at something slightly different. In the end, this is nice but didn’t quite work – if I twist the picture to straighten up the glass, the picture isn’t straight. I think this is because the camera was pointed upwards a bit. Or down. One of the two.

And something to emphasise the importance that wine plays at Flinty Red. And we got to drink the contents of the glasses…

Got it right with this one – a nice balance between the wine glass and the restaurant side of things. Nice composition (rule of thirds!) and it works well. A cropped version of this appears on the Wine by the Glass page.
This one didn’t work so well. I think it’s unbalanced, and the previous one is far better.

And what reminded me about these? SWMBO was flicking through the new 2010 issue of Venue Magazine’s “Eating Out West” supplement and noticed that the piece about Flinty Red has two of my photos in it – the blurred waitress and the single glass of wine.
They look really good, properly printed on glossy paper, and if I may say so myself are better than some of the photos used to plug other restaurants.

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