Mother came to stay for a few days, and while SWMBO entertained her for most of the time (Tyntesfield and Concorde [only open until the end of September]), I felt morally obliged to take a day off work and take her somewhere.

We ended up going to Stourhead, somewhere she’d not been before, and one of the best known landscaped gardens. Fortunately, we managed to avoid the rain – the heavens opened just as we got back to the shop & tea room, which was a perfect excuse for a slice of cake.
I think this is one of the nicest views there is – it looks completely natural, but you just know that a landowner with a firm opinion of his place in history combined with a egomaniacal landscape gardener probably uprooted several small villages and converted a small hill into a substantial lake. He probably then decided that he didn’t like the colour of the water and had the landscaper shot. Or something like that…

The thingy in the background is the Temple of Apollo.

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