The Snowdon Mountain Railway gets booked up, so there’s very little chance of being able to turn up and go. This means that you fork out your £25 (!) for the train without really knowing what the weather will be like.
We passed through Llanberis on the Wednesday, a beautiful sunny day, and booked for the following day. Thursday was really nice in Llanberis, and most of the way up Snowdon.

As we got about 3/4 of the way up, we found a bit of cloud – this was the view back down to the Llanberis pass.
And by the time we reached the summit, we could see absolutely sod all – this is the new visitors centre from the summit.
A pair of overly optimistic photographers…
This is one of the trains making its way up.
I did think about asking for a partial refund – not because of the weather, but because we had a diesel train, not a steam one.
Still, we were lucky – the weather the next day was spectacularly awful. We drove through Blaeuau Ffestiniog with the windscreen wipers going and headlights on. It wasn’t raining – we were just driving through thick cloud. I expect that Llanberis was covered in cloud, so I dread to think what the conditions were like up on the mountain!

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