More than 10 years ago now, I took a fair few photos at Walcot RFC in Bath – a colleague was initially captain, subsequently chairman and is now secretary. The old (film!) photos are on my sports website.

Anyway, I was asked to go to their first home game of the season (against Brixham) to take some photos for them to use on their website.
It was a decently sunny day, which always helps the quality of the photos – it was just a shame about the result, as Brixham racked up 40 points. Walcot are in black and white, Brixham in the rather fetching pink.

It’s still possible to be a bit creative when taking sports photos.
This is undoubtedly the shot of the day – the Walcot winger taking out his opposite number high and in the air as he went up for a high ball. It was very obvious, but amazingly the referee and touch judges all missed it – the only people there who did. Brixham were up in arms about it, and to be honest, pretty justifiably.

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