I went to Flat Holm today – an island in the Bristol Channel for those that don’t know. 

There are some fairly interesting Victorian gun emplacements, and it’s particularly notable for a substantial colony of aggressive seagulls that will dive-bomb you with poo if you get too close to their nests and chicks. Couldn’t have asked for a better day – the hottest day of the year so far, and completely calm for the crossing.
The boat goes from Penarth, just by the Cardiff Bay barrage – this is the counterweight for one of the bridges.

As seen previously, I’m always a sucker for lighthouses, and this one came with a nice rusty gun as well.
This one was taken from down in one of the old gun emplacements
A load of the flying crap factories. I didn’t get pooed on fortunately, but it was close a couple of times.
Next month I’m going to Steep Holm, which is nearby and apparently steeper than Flat Holm.

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