This is going back a fair bit – something we did in 2004.
We “borrowed” two plastic ducks from our then-landlords, SWMBO decorated them in a His and Hers stylee, and we took them on holiday to France. It was the early days of my having a digital camera and I also had a portable Canon postcard printer, so we sent postcards from our travels.

1) Hampton Park, Bristol. 31/08
Hello! The rubber ducks are off on their holidays.
See you in about 3 weeks time.
Tarquil & Jocasta

2) Newbury. 31/08
Are we nearly there yet?
Sebastian & Ludmilla

3) Giverny. 01/09
You know what’s missing from Monet’s water garden pictures?
Duck! That’s what!
Jacquies & Nigella

4) Chateau de Chambourd. 02/09
OK, if we must slum it tonight.
Hector & Clarissa

5) Puy-de-Dome. 03/09
No ponds!
Claude & Henrietta

6) St Flour. 03/09
Ah, the joys of a luxurious hotel.
Jeremy & Cynthia

7) Pas de Payrol / Puy St Mary. 04/09
The views are so good that I’ve taken up photography.
Timothy & Audrey

8 ) Tournon d’Agenais. 05/09
Hooray! A pond at last!
Edmund & Hermione

9) Tournon d’Agenais. 10/09
Making new friends here at the pond.
An interesting sounding museum has been recommended – we shall investigate next week.
Gerald & Persephone

10) Musee de Foie Gras. 16/09
Mon Dieu!
Quelle Horreur!
Orlando & Saskia

11) Tournon d’Agenais. 17/09
These are the lovely people we’ve been sharing the pond with.
Victor & Athena

12) Soulac-sur-Mer. 18/09
Nudist beach!
Jason & Kylie

13) Carnac. 20/09
Hey dude, standing stones.
Pretty damn cosmic!
Dweezil & Moon Unit

14) Mont St Michel. 21/09
Crap, apparently. We didn’t go any closer.
Homer & Marge

And some outtakes…

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