We went to see Richard Hawley at the Colston Hall in Bristol last night – I’m not that familiar with his music, but have liked the bits that SWMBO has played, and got tickets on the basis that she’d like to see him.
Oh boy, what a good decision that was – a really good concert, and the loudest I’ve been to for a while. It’s sort of hard to describe his music, they’re often really nice gentle love songs but with searing guitar solos and occasional interludes of fantastic guitar and bass noise. One of the better gigs I’ve been to, and even better because it was a pleasant surprise.

Thanks to the really rather good Ents24 website, I was very on the ball with regard to tickets, and we were in the middle of the front row of the balcony – a great view. So I took the little compact and took a few photos – I don’t think Richard Hawley really minds, seeing as he’s got a section on his website for audience photos. I didn’t take many as I wanted to watch the concert, but here they are – nothing hugely stunning, but not bad given it’s on a small compact camera.

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