A couple of weekends ago I ventured up to London (a rare event) to take part in an art nude studio photography day. This was organised by a naturist friend and was a clothes optional event, which made for a really good environment with the models, and was probably a bit unusual for them – I think they’re used to being the only naked ones. What was very noticeable was that the day wasn’t just men photographing women – we had almost as many male models as female, as well as women taking photos. Several people did stints on both sides of the camera.
If you’ve seen any of my work you’ll know that I don’t photograph people very much, and certainly not in a studio, so this was quite a new experience. My main learning point is to come up with more ideas of my own, rather than relying on the models (who were excellent). On the whole though, I was very pleased with the results – and lots more b&w…

And one final warning – these images are Not Suitable For Work!

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