In June I was given the opportunity to attend a conference in Amsterdam, at just a few days notice. Never having been before, I graciously accepted.

As it happens, the conference itself was really interesting, and then I headed out every evening with my camera.
Doing some research beforehand I found an Amsterdam photography blog (whose name I now shamefully forget) which pointed out the best places for photogenic bridges, churches and houses – very useful.

Everything you’ve heard about cycling in Amsterdam is true, and then some – an amazing number of cyclists, and I saw about 3 people in lycra or on bike with anything more than basic gears. The bike park at the station is a sight to behold!

The last photo is from the conference, where one of the keynote talks was from Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple.

A lovely city that I barely scratched the surface of – I didn’t get to any museums because of the conference – so somewhere I definitely want to go back to.

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