My most obvious subject! Working right in the centre of the city and very close to the Harbourside, I do take a lot of photos of Bristol.

Getting out of the office for a bit of fresh air naturally takes me to the Harbourside, so I’ve taken a lot of photos of this area this year. I’ve also found that it’s possible to walk right round the harbour, up to Cumberland Basin and back to Prince Street Bridge, in my lunch hour. I’ve only done it with the phone so far but must try it with something a bit more serious at some point.
So we have some shadows, a bit of the remaining industrial side of the harbourside – the steam crane is an absolute favourite of mine and I must get out and shoot it with the large format camera – and a shoot late in the year around the refurbished Metro Bus bridge and nearby.

SS Great Britain
I’m occasionally involved with the Bristol Instagram group #igersbristol, who arrange some interesting meetups. Back in March a group of us were invited to the SS Great Britain the day after the opening of their new visitor’s centre and give free access before it opened for the day (and a free breakfast!).
These are a mix of phone and camera shots

A few shots from other bits of Bristol – some colour, some autumn and the suspension bridge.

Still one of my favourite locations around Bristol, and I went back several times again this year.
First up was a Spring Tide (on a freezing morning, with snow still on the ground) which completely flooded the area, and then other occasional visits. There’s still more I can do here.

Vild at Aust
One visit to Aust was to take some photos of Vild, a Swedish model who wanted to boost her portfolio.

And finally a few from the heavy snow we had back at the beginning of March.

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