As ever, I kept going back to Aust just outside Bristol – my favourite bleak location.

The first visit was in February – the forecast looked promising and when I got up early (for a Sunday), it looked even better as it was a bit misty. When I got there, I saw a lovely bit of mist with the pylon and the old Severn Bridge in bright sunlight above it.

However as I walked the last bit, it got foggier and foggier – to the point that I couldn’t actually see much at all.

These shots were taken on a variety of film cameras – I was testing some of my dad;s old Pentaxes before selling them. So we have an MX, and ME Super and a Z1 – some shot on Ilford FP4, some on Kodak Tri-X 400, all developed by me.

The second visit was on a June morning, when conditions were very different – lovely bright sunshine.

Most of these were taken on my Fuji X-T20, the punchy b&w ones used an infra-red filter which really does work well.

The two more grainy shots near the end were taken on some very old Kodak HIE infra-red film (it expired about 10 years ago) using what was my dad’s Pentax MX. This is a lovely manual SLR, which runs perfectly happily with no batteries. It’s so nice that I sold my Olympus OM1N (and lenses) and kept the MX – it’s a great little camera and it has sentimental value, which the Olympus (fantastic camera though it is) didn’t.

The one square shot was taken on the Hasselblad, with Ilford FP4.

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