We don’t visit other towns in the area quite as much as we should, so made the effort to go out to Clevedon and Portishead on a midweek day off.

Obviously one has to visit Clevedon pier – although with our customary bad timing, the far end of it was closed off for decoration work.
We also ambled along to the open air pool, which is somewhere I need to investigate more from a photographic point of view – I’m thinking long exposures with smooth water, smooth sea and just a hint of a line between them.
Some bits of it made me think of 70s eastern Europe, stark concrete that’s seen slightly better days.

We also headed over to Portishead as I’d see that there’s an art trail and one of the exhibits had caught my eye – “Full Fathom Five” by Michael Dan Archer, the stone columns.
And as we found, some of the buildings around the marina photograph quite well too.

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