We’d been to the same gite in SW France for the last 4 holidays, but this time we booked late and it wasn’t available. The one we went for this time was a bit more expensive, but absolutely lovely – and huge for the two of us, given that it can accommodate 16 people!
The gite was booked via Halcyon Leisure – we’ve booked with them since 2000.

We really didn’t do very much at all – I took a couple of trips out to take photos in Fumel and at Chateau Bonaguil, but that was about it apart from going out to buy food and wine.

The first set of photos are from the gite, with a couple from one of the trips out.

The second set are images of the sky.
Disappointingly we didn’t have many good sunsets at all – just in the last half of the second week. Mind you, the main reason for the lack of them was because there weren’t actually any clouds in the sky.
And as always, I took some of the night sky – we had another good view of the milky way.

The third set are all of flowers – the gite had masses of beautiful roses all over the place, so I took a lot of photos of them!

Next up is a set of infra-red images.
The first couple were taken on the digital camera (Fuji X-T20) with a full-blown infra-red filter – it’s opaque, so only lets IR light through, no normal light at all.
Then we have some taken on colour infra-red film – Kodak EIR. They stopped making this quite a long time ago, and the three rolls of it that I found in the garage a year or two ago went out of date 10 years ago. I gave them a bit of extra exposure, and a decent number of them came out!
Finally, there are a couple taken on Kodak HIE black & white IR film.
The last one was taken on the digital camera with an orange filter – I can’t remember why I decided to try it, but it gave the photos an interesting look.

Finally we have some photos taken on the way home.
The first few were taken at Chateau Chaumont on the Loire, where they have an international garden festival. To be honest we weren’t blown away with most of them.
Then we have photos from Courseulles-sur-Mer, also known as Juno Beach, where we spent the last night of the holiday.
The last one was taken from the ferry.

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