As I had a random day off, we headed out to Hauser & Wirth in Somerset. We had discovered that their current exhibitions had finished the Sunday before, but we went anyway to see their other galleries and their grounds.

To start with, the other galleries and the main shop were closed as the space was being used for bits & pieces while they took down the exhibitions – which meant that there was pretty much nothing to see.
About the only thing there was a couple of Don McCullin originals – his landscapes. On sale for a mere £8250 plus framing plus VAT.

But there were still the gardens (designed by Piet Oudolf), which were actually quite nice. There’s an odd modern building at the top of the garden though – you’d think something like that would be quite out of place in a rural setting like Hauser & Wirth but it doesn’t grate and it is photographically quite interesting – its’s the Radić Pavilion, designed by Smiljan Radić

As we were there, we did have lunch in their Roth Bar & Grill. Pretty good I have to say!

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