This is just a small selection of other photos taken during the year – for obvious reasons I didn’t get out much.

The one of the SS Great Britain was actually taken at the end of December 2019, the same day as I photographed Ezku (see Ezku – December 2019) – and is actually processed a lot less than you might think.

The next two were just particularly nice sunsets I saw walking from work to the bus stop in January and February. I haven’t even seen the office since the 16th March…

The lilac was photographed in next door’s garden, the squirrel on the fence just outside the living room window.

Then two from archery, which was open long enough to have a Halloween special.

The last one isn’t by me – it’s of me. In February I ticked off something from the bucket list by going to a life drawing class. As a model.
One of the artists, Lila, very kindly gave me her painting as a memento of my modelling debut. Her painting is a combined representation of the half-dozen short poses I did, all in one – I really like it. And it doesn’t show my bits so I’m happy showing it!

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