I visit Abbey House Gardens in Malmesbury most years, but this one was a bit different to the usual trips – I normally go to their clothes-optional days, and this was only the second time I’ve visited and kept my clothes on.

As well as wanting to visit (and support) what is a rather lovely garden, they also had a sculpture exhibition on, which is something we’ve taken quite a liking to – see previous posts Quennington Fresh Air Sculpture and Quenington Fresh Air Sculpture, June 2019.

Most of these were taken on my Fuji digital, but I was also shooting on slide film in the Hasselblad (the last one is from that) as well as some expired film in what was my dad’s Pentax MX (a lovely all-manual SLR). The expired film thing was a bit of an experiment, not hugely successful if I’m honest.

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