The photos here are from two separate visits to Cumberland Basin in Bristol, pretty much my favourite concrete place to photograph.

The first, in July, was my first post-lockdown photographic trip out and was an all film affair – some of the shots are on the Hasselblad (mainly Fuji Acros, with a bit of Kodak Tri-X), while the others are from the Intrepid 5×4 large format (on Ilford Delta).
These are fairly standard stuff, the sort of thing I take a lot of.

For the second visit, at the end of August, I actually went out with a plan – I wanted to shoot a lot darker than normal, and to use shadow a lot more.
I used the Fuji digital on manual mode (I’m normally on aperture-priority), and sometimes with an old Helios lens I bought. I also used my dad’s old Pentax MX with some old Ilford Delta film.

And I’m really pleased with what I took, it’s quite different to what I usually do and quite successful IMO. And I think I finally nailed the silhouette shot I’ve been trying to take of the flyover and sign.

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