These three sets come from some time off in September – we didn’t go away, so I ambled out for some day trips.

First up is Lydney Harbour – I’d noticed a sign for it when driving back from Westbury Court, so I looked into it and decided to visit.

It’s an interesting place, a bit bleak – but I quite like that. I was slightly surprised to find a bit of a marina there, which contains some interestingly dilapidated yachts. Definitely my sort of thing!
The last two shots are of a derelict industrial site – I couldn’t resist poking the camera through the fence.

These are a mix of digital, Hasselblad film and Ondu panoramic pinholes. No colour negative this time – I more or less know what I’m doing with black and white film.

The second set are from Beachley, which is at the Welsh end of the original Severn Bridge, and where the ferry from Aust used to dock. I’ve photographed Aust many times, but this was the first time I’ve been to the Welsh end.

The bridge itself is still a magnificent structure, but I did enjoy photographing the huge electricity pylon, carry the cables over the estuary. I do feel slightly nervous photographing big pieces of infrastructure like that, even more so when this one is next to an Army base!

There are a few more panoramic pinholes here along with some dark and gloomy hand-held digital pinholes, plus the usual digital stuff. I must admit to rather like the vertical panoramic pinhole of the pylon – you don’t often get a good excuse for vertical panoramic shots, and the lack of viewfinder made it a bit tricky to frame.

The third set are from a Sunday morning walk around Bristol Harbourside with a colleague – this was the first time I’d met him in real life, as he joined the company during lockdown.

Before we’d met up, I heard the sirens going for the main swing bridge, so I hurried over to have a look – I’ve never actually seen the bridge move before. It’s a huge thing, but moves surprisingly quickly!

We naturally ended up at the Metrobus bridge, one of my favourite locations. Rather than try and get more shots without people, I took a few of the cyclists crossing the bridge – I haven’t panned for ages!

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