These two sets go together as they are geographically linked as Cumberland Basin is at the start of the Avon Gorge footpath.

Cumberland Basin

I’ll be honest, I can’t seem to stop going to Cumberland Basin and the various flyovers there – I just really like the concrete structures, the industrial element to it, and the graffiti.

The bridge is basically the last bit before you get to the Avon Gorge footpath – I think it takes you into the bottom end of the Ashton Court estate, but I haven’t been that far. Yet.

Avon Gorge Footpath

I’d actually never walked along this side of the river before 2022, despite having been in Bristol for over 25 years. I started walking here as I needed a change from Blaise, and started gently before working my way up to walking all the way to Sea Mills (about where the shot of the boat was taken) which is a round trip of almost 6 miles. That’s a long way for me, especially after a particularly inactive few years.

The first thing that caught my eye were the bridges/tunnels/underpasses under the railway line – most of which are locked shut, and that sort of dereliction thing, locked away, is very much my kind of subject.
The other was the navigation posts, which I find strangely fascinating – and which I have yet to photograph to my satisfaction.

I also still need to get my definitive shots of the old piers at Hotwells – I think it needs some long exposures to blur out the cars. And I haven’t decided whether it’s better at high or low tide, which probably means I’ll have to do both.

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